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About us

We understand how difficult it is when you're working on your own website to see the wood for the trees. It's always best to have a coach and a fresh set of eyes for perspective, otherwise it's like trying to read the label from inside the bottle!

Woosh Website Design and Marketing Consultancy

We founded Woosh to respond to this need and help people with their Marketing, Branding and website projects. We are a small team consisting of a Marketing specialist (me), a project coordinator and several designers. We are based in Dublin by the sea (we actually see the sea from our office!) looking across the pond to Liverpool and the UK where at least 50% of our clients are based. And we're only a call or a Zoom away! 


Not matter how large or small your project is, I'll be your guide as I can't resist chatting about Business and Marketing...


So reach out, call me now, and let's get your project moving forward!

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