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Get a great website!

And guidance from a professional marketing expert.

Get a great website with Woosh

We like to work with...

Passionate small business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs who have big goals, and established companies who want to take their brand to the next level. 

Sounds like you?

Let's work together!

  • Need some professional design magic?

  • Website not performing?

  • Need help clarifying your message?

  • Out of time trying on your own and need help?

Website redesign?

New website?

  • What works and what doesn’t?

  • Unsure about who to partner with?

  • Working with a modest budget?

  • Overwhelmed by all the info out there?

What we do for you



  • Business model Review

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Positioning Strategy

  • Branding Strategy

  • Brand Identity

  • Promotional Strategy

  • Copy and Messaging



  • Classic Websites

  • Brochure-style Websites

  • Event-style Websites
  • Landing Pages

  • One-page style Websites

  • E-commerce Websites

  • Booking Websites



  • Website performance Audit

  • Website objectives

  • Website restructuring

  • Branding

  • Website Redesign

  • Website additions

  • Website fixes

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Goodbye frustrations!

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Marketing & Design issues can hold your project back, especially when budget and time constraints come into play. 


Work with us  and we'll help get your project on to the next level.


You get the agency quality work without the ticking clock!

Hi I'm Stephen,

your professional Marketing Consultant.

I'm here to make sure you get more than a 'great looking' website, you get one that achieves great results by bringing a disciplined marketing approach to the table. I will share my years of professional experience with you.

So if you're a start-up with big ideas
on a budget, already up-and-running and you want a brand refresh, a new website, or just fix your existing site, I can help. 

- Stephen

Stephen kilcoyne, Marketing consultant at Woosh

What our clients say...


We take on just a few clients each month, so call now!
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