Value for money?

As Dr Ralph Speth, CEO Jaguar-Land Rover, said:


"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design!" 


But that was some time ago... Fortunately, nowadays good design and branding doesn't have to be so expensive. And what's more? It's accessible even to the smaller business!


Will your investment pay back?

 Let me give you an example.

A well built purposeful website with great branding and design will significantly:

  • Reduce bounce.

  • Attract more customers.

  • Boost sales.

Return on investment (website):

Average value of a client :

5 sessions X €100 = 500

Website cost say €2,500

Number of new clients required to cover website investment: 2,500 ÷ 500 = 5 clients.


Just 5 clients will cover the cost of the investment.  But now your website enables you to attract more clients and fill those 480 unbilled hours worth €48,000!

40hrs/m  X 12months =480 unbilled hours/yr

Value of 480 unbilled hours/yr at €100/hr = Unearned potential €48,000

Shortfall hours/day=2 (or 40hrs/month)

Actual hours/day=4

Target client hours/day=6


Case study - Therapist