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Inspired by a passion for design and business management, Woosh was formed to help businesses overcome marketing challenges that hold back growth. What's holding you back?


Practice what we preach...

Woosh started out as a creative studio making paper-based products for sale in Ireland and abroad. The products included Calendars, Postcards, Posters, Fine-Art Prints, Bookmarks, Notebooks and Greetings cards. We made products under our own brands and under License, and worked with iconic brands like The John Hinde Group (once the world's largest postcard manufacturer).

The business evolved to help other companies with Marketing Communications both in Traditional and Digital Marketing.  


Creativity is at the heart of every innovation and we are always up for a creative challenge!

Evolving through Learning

A thirst for learning

Over the years we've helped many companies with Marketing Communications involving all forms of print media, from 48-sheet poster campaigns to slick business cards. 


We've worked in Radio, Press, TV, Video and eventually in Digital. 

To survive and evolve in these fast-moving sectors requires constant learning and upskilling and the team at Woosh take pride in keeping abreast of market innovations.

Meet your partners

Here are your partners


Founder and Client Contact


Production Manager


Art Director and Designer


Copywriter and Video Production Manager


Marketing and Social Media Manager

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