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Websites and branding are a core activity complimented with a full range of Marketing services for our clients. Think of us as your on-tap Marketing Team. 

We provide general Marketing services

While there is plenty of technology involved, Web design is essentially all about communication, and Marketing Communications is precisely where Woosh excel. We'll help craft your stories and communicate your vision, whatever the medium.




Direct Marketing


Graphic Design & Print


Social Media Content


Traditional Marketing





Direct Marketing

The Direct Marketing industry was disrupted by ‘Digital’ but it's like vinyl... when you want that special experience, Direct Marketing has the X-factor!


When Digital came along 25 years ago, it was a pleasant surprise to get an email instead of a letter in the post, but now it’s the other way around!


So if you want to break through the noise today, let’s create a compelling direct mail campaign to win your prospects over.    


Graphic Design & Print

Woosh started out as a creative studio making paper-based products for sale in Ireland and abroad, so when it comes to design and print - we're on it.

  • Calendars

  • Postcards

  • Posters

  • Fine-Art Prints

  • Bookmarks

  • Notebooks

  • Greetings cards

  • Catalogues

  • Annuals & Manuals

  • Booklets

  • Brochures

  • Leaflets

  • Direct mail Marketing

  • Presentations

  • Signage


Social Media Content

Most of our customers start out with a website, and then get on to Social Media to promote it. Every website we make comes with solid, versatile branding with Social Media use in mind. So when you need to get on social - we've got you covered. We'll help plan social campaigns, design and produce the creative content (including video and animated text), and get it lined up for release. 


Our content will be designed carefully to achieve objectives, from warming customers up to delivering them to a landing page - all the while on brand.


Traditional Advertising

With years of experience in Press Advertising, Radio and other forms of Traditional Media, we're on-hand to help devise, produce and release your Marketing campaigns.



When it comes to video, Ben (also of Double Tap Media) is on hand to deliver everything from TV quality to Social Media quality video. Educated in Media studies and with thousands of hours of video under his belt, Ben is an expert in scripting, interviewing, directing, presenting and live streaming events.   


Woosh is on hand to deliver: 

  • Event videos

  • Interviews

  • Product Launches

  • Corporate videos

  • Training videos

  • Informational videos

  • Educational videos

  • Promotional videos

  • Videos for websites

  • Videos for Social Media

  • News Videos

Are you looking for someone to champion your marketing initiatives?

Brand Development for

Companies, Products & Services

For larger and more established businesses, we also provide a state-of-the-art Brand Strategy Workshop programme designed to refresh brands or create brands from scratch. We specialise in helping companies to refresh or create corporate brands or individual product brands.  

If you or your team have a new product idea and want to make sure it hits the mark perfectly when launched, we'd love to help! Over the years we've helped dozens of companies take simple ideas from concept to market launch, working through all the formal product development stages along the way.  


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