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An Italian furniture website? Bellissimo!

We LOVE furniture, so the prospect of working with a furniture manufacturer and importer of stylish Italian furniture was too good to resist...


Brand Redesign, Website


Branding, Strategy, Activation






There is nothing challenging about looking at furniture!

The amazing people at Drummond do such a good job looking after their clients, that they forgot to look after their own website (we know the feeling!)... and let's just say that the brand and the website both needed a full makeover as opposed to a quick upholstering job! This, of course, meant a blank canvas, and we Web designers LOVE a blank canvas...


We went to town on this furniture store...

Drummond and Sons have a history that goes back three generations in County Cork, and with all that experience we knew there would be great material for a good story. 


We also found tons of information about their great upholstering and bespoke manufacturing services, that up to know had never seen the light of day.  So we dug deep and revealed all Trevor's well-kept secrets, and we presented them for all to enjoy in a bright and colourful glossy magazine-style website.  

The new website is packed with all the elements anyone in the hospitality industry will want to see, and is a great reference-point for furniture ideas.

What was done

New Brand Identity including visual system,  Logo redesign.  

Website build.

Conversion-focused copywriting.

Product display system.  

SEO, Mobile Optimisation, SSL, Training.


"I never thought my business would look so good, and I consider myself very fortunate to have found Woosh Marketing. Incredible value for a fantastic result!"

Trevor Drummond

Drummond and Sons

Do you have an e-commerce project and need some advice on how to create a beautiful brand and website?

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