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Woosh gets headhunted by a recruiter - nice!

A third-generation recruitment company operating since the 60's who now specialise in Medical writing, Social Media staff and Fintech staff, hired us to move their Brand and website up the ladder.  


Rebrand and Website


Branding, Strategy, Activation






To create a Brand that appeals to several

different personas

To attract the best-in-category candidates and work with the best hiring companies, it's important to have an attractive proposition. Our biggest challenge was to develop a Brand Identity that would work across diverse industry sectors: Finance, Marketing and Medical. We think we nailed it!


Colour, vibrancy, action, dynamic, energetic... 

These were the words in our list when considering an overall design plan.  Let's face it! Checking a recruitment website is not like going to the cinema, and many sites are a bit on the boring side - but we felt that the clientele of this site really deserved something a little more exciting. So we crafted a contemporary Brand Identity with a lively and vibrant dynamic to improve the website experience. We think that visitors will appreciate the effort and will happily return.

Key features

Brand identity,  Logo design. 


Conversion-focused copywriting.

Dynamic page and database system for Jobs/Application Pages. 

SEO, SSL, Mobile Optimisation, Training.


EF Review - Coming soon.

Lucy Noble

EF Recruitment

Are you ready to get a Recruitment website getting you candidates that are perfectly aligned with you?

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