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A Career Coaching Service with a suite of bookable services

Collette Bryson came to Woosh looking for some guidance on her website. She wanted to make the site look more professional. A pleasure to work with, Collette was keen to take on board our suggestions and ready to make big changes for a much better website.





Branding, Strategy, Activation






A website and brand makeover fit for the future

Over the years, the Engage Life Coaching website had become a bit cluttered, difficult to navigate, and was not fit for purpose. Collette wanted a fresh, clean and uncluttered website that properly reflected her and her services, and aligned better with her target audiences (each quite different from the others and requiring special navigation). The overall objective was to deliver an improved and more consistent level of bookings.


A trusted coach who can help you get ahead in your career

We took elements of her existing visual identity and built a new, more impactful and versatile visual identity which allowed Collette to create social media posts and other marketing media easily.

We created a stripped-down and to-the-point copy for the site, in order to allow the visitors learn what they really want to know effortlessly.

The new Brand Identity is authoritative and contemporary, and conveys a sense of warmth to build essential trust. The website positions Collette as a leader in her sector, and visitors will be more confident and ready to make contact with her.

Woosh Services

Brand Identity, Visual System.  

Website story framework. Conversion focussed copywriting.

Photography styling.

Course and Services bookings and payments facilities.

Website build, SEO, Mobile Optimisation, SSL, Training.


"Woosh Marketing really helped me bring my communications to another level, making much easier for potential clients to get what I do and want to call me. I couldn’t be happier."

Collette Bryson

Engage Life Coaching

Is your coaching business website converting visitors and filling up your bookings calendar?

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