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Designer Gardens for Ireland's East Coast

Gardens Forever do amazing work turning boring back gardens into designer wonderlands. This process requires complex design, construction and project management services, and all this needs to be communicated to their audience.




Branding, Strategy, Activation






Helping clients understand the 'service' and generating 

excitement and desire to engage.

The first challenge was to build out a story and present it in an attractive and easy-to-read way. The second challenge was to figure out a way to present this story visually to capture the excitement one experiences when embarking on such a big project.


Who could resist a nice coffee-table book about design?

Our solution was to deliver the story in a step-by-step process through the phases of design, construction, maintenance and planting, and the detailed steps involved in each phase. This served to educate the viewer about what is involved, and also to highlight the expertise required at each stage. We felt that since this was about design, we needed to have an overall 'designer feel' to the website. We incorporated a wide range of icons and graphics to help make this interesting and engaging.  

Woosh Services

Branding, Brand Identity.


Conversion-focused copywriting.

Dynamic Pages system to display latest projects,  Bookings, Payments.

SEO, SSL, Mobile Optimisation, Training.


Woosh Team did a wonderful job in the redevelopment of our website with strategic inputs in areas critical to successful advertisement and increased outreach.

David Ryan

Gardens Forever

Are you in construction or related services and thinking of upping your game online?

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