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Seeing a better future


Branding, Website


Branding, Strategy, Activation




When your Marketing Stars need realignment

Mariana came to Woosh with a communication challenge. Her website was outdated and confusing for the visitor. Mariana wanted to present herself and her services in a much better light. She lacked a strong brand. One that properly reflected Mariana and her services. Some of her contemporaries had clearly upped the game and 'taken' various strategic positions, so our challenge was to find a unique position for Mariana in her sector and make it hers.


Reading the mind of the visitor

Our approach was to create a striking visual identity which invites the visitor into Mariana's world, encouraging them to discover answers to the big questions they have.  

What was done

Brand Strategy and repositioning as a leader in her field.

Creation of a strong visual identity including a logo.

Conversion-focused copywriting in a story framework.

Strong use of colour, graphics and icons and patterns.

Booking system allowing a suite of service offerings.


“My experience with Woosh Marketing has been extremely positive. I have received so much more support than ever expected in building my new site and setting up the new business.”


Mariana Saad

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