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Woosh is dedicated to becoming a nature positive agency by 2030.

By enhancing biodiversity, restoring habitats, and supporting ecosystems through our operations and client partnerships, we aim to achieve this goal.

Green initiatives partner

  • Guidance on eco-friendly initiatives.

  • Creative ideas for in-house staff activities and client events.

  • First-step guidance for smaller companies into nature-friendly programmes.

  • ​Design for Digital and Print.

  • ​Social Media Training, Graphic Design training.

Your eco-minded 
creative studio


Social Media Content & Management


  • ​Content planning
  • Content production
  • ​Content posting
With a focus on Irish Native Species

Nature -Themed Product Development

Posters, calendars, postcards, greetings cards, booklets and jigsaws for garden centres, online stores and nature attractions, to help promote your initiatives.
Copywriting, Press releases, Social Media messaging, Direct Marketing for nature-focused projects.

Marketing Communications

Nature-Orientated Programmes & Events 

We'll help create nature-based programmes or events for your staff or customers.

Keeping you up-to-speed

We advocate for native species and their ecological significance.
We like to collaborate with leading green organisations and NGOs.
We try to stay updated with:
> Local environmental issues and challenges.
> European and Government directives.
> Local positive actions and initiatives.   

Discover how your organisation can make
and impact and show it...


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