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Actively bringing back Native Irish Woodlands as we speak

We read about all the things we urgently need to do to halt climate change, but while the big players fight it out at world stage, what can we do as individuals that doesn't seem almost pointless? There are lots of folks talking (and rightly so) but who can actually do something practical that the masses could get behind? The Native Woodland Trust is one such operator.


Rebrand,  Website


Branding, Strategy, Activation






Create a focal point for a community of well-intentioned eco-minded individuals

We needed to tell a great story that inspired people to take action and get behind the project. Communities would take up an offer to get 50 free native Irish trees and plant them in their local community. They would then report back to the site and upload photos and news of the community project. The website needed to have the mechanics of the offer operational, which included an upload form linked to a pin location on a map of Ireland to show project progress. 


Clear and compelling story telling, visuals and mechanics

Woosh crafted a compelling website for the offer, facilitating easy engagement and sign up.  Woosh were delighted to be part of the success of this important project.

What was done

Branding, Brand identity.

Website build.

Conversion-focused copywriting.

Application facility,  Project upload facility, Map of Ireland with pin locations.

SEO, SSL,  Mobile Optimisation, Training.


We've been working with Woosh for over a year now.  They've built several websites for us for different projects. The team get very involved in the project and make a big effort to grasp every detail in the project, so working with them I always feel they're on it and I know they're going to deliver.

Jim Lawlor

Native Woodland Trust

Need a reliable team who get involved and take initiative, and who aim to make life easy for you with marketing tasks?

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