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A rallying call to save and reseed Native Irish Elms across Ireland

Carbon Capture and Biodiverstiy are critically important and we are thrilled to be a part of this story and to help achieve a big success for this important project.


Brand Identity


Branding, Strategy, Activation






Galvanising a community with a mission

Dutch Elm Disease wiped out almost all veteran Wych Elm trees in Ireland, yet a few hundred veteran trees remain untouched by the disease. No one knows why. They could be disease-resistant and if so, the challenge is to locate these unique trees, capture their seeds and reseed them across Ireland for future generations to enjoy. 


Our brief was to create a website for citizen scientists and eco-minded people, to tell this story well and galvanise support for the project. An important part of the project was to allow people to upload locations, details and images of newly discovered trees so that a database was built for further study of these trees.  A map showing the locations of the trees was also a feature of the website.

But first we needed to create a brand for the project. The Brand Identity needed to capture the imagination and to attract the desired personas to form this community. It needed to be distinct and aligned with the audience.   


The hunt is on

The graphic elements for Wych Hunt aim to dissect the Wych Elm Tree and its features, and to incorporate these elements across the brand touch-points to engage the audience and help them recognise aspects of the tree in more detail. They also add a fun, slightly intriguing aspect to the 'hunt' which makes it very quirky and unique.

Woosh Services

Brand strategy, Brand Identity, Visual System.

Story framework.

Conversion-focused copywriting. 

Upload (tree discovery) facility direct to the database and website map.

Website, SEO, Mobile Optimisation, Training.


"The Brand Identity that Woosh created for Wych Hunt surpassed all my expectations, delivering an exceptional result. I've no doubt this will play a key role in the project's success."

Jim Lawlor

Wych Hunt

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