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Purposeful websites that
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Storytelling that hooks your audience.
Consumer psychology techniques.
Built-in selling formula.

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Take advantage of the power of branding!

Let me show you why and how...

Pretty websites don’t build businesses, strategic websites do!

"My mission is to guide business owners through the essentials of creating a great website, so they build the best website they can for their budget."

We all know small businesses are the backbone of our economy, yet getting one started is a monumental struggle, and believe me, I know what that's like!  But it shouldn't have to mean cutting corners when it comes to your most important marketing tool: your website.

Welcome to Woosh,
I'm Stephen!


Stephen Kilcoyne

BSc Adv. Marketing Techniques

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Professional marketing, branding, copywriting and design.

Here at Woosh we like to build purposeful story-based websites for a big impact on your conversions.


"The whole team at Woosh Marketing did an absolutely wonderful job building my website from scratch. From start to finish they really listened to what I wanted, but also made sure they understood what my business was about."

-Cecile Jacquot



7 questions to ask yourself:

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  1. Why should I position myself as a leader in my field?

  2. What is a brand story and why do I need one?

  3. How important is copywriting in turning my website into a selling machine?

  4. How do I go from pretty website to purposeful strategic website?

  5. Why do I need a partner with marketing, branding and design skills?

  6. How do I differentiate myself from all my competitors?

  7. Can I get things right from the start and avoid redesigns later?



Need help with your existing site?

  • Are you frustrated and blocked?

  • Are you annoyed you can't move forward?

  • Is your bounce rate embarrassingly high?

  • Could your website be converting more clients?

  • Are you worried your website doesn't stand out?

  • Is your website dated and letting you down?

  • Are you looking for a partner with marketing, design and branding skills?

  • Do you want to position yourself as a leader?

I know it's hard to see the wood for the trees, and if you are at a bit of a loss, I get that too! So I'll be happy to visit your website and revert with a written list of the most important things to address. Just click below.

Still uncertain?

Check out these tips...


What you get:

Here's how me and my team will build your purposeful website:

1. Professional Marketing that defines your purpose and strategy

Without this your site might look good but it won't be effective.

Here's why

2. Professional Branding that connects your story with your audience 

We get to know your customers so you can speak their language, but there is a lot more to branding than you might think. 

Find out more

3. Professional Graphic Design

Stunning visuals that command attention, keep your audience interested and keen to buy.

Read more

4. Great website features and service

Quality website build with all the features and essentials you'll need to make an impact.

Mobile optimisation, SEO, E-commerce, payment systems, support and maintenance plan

and hosting.

Read more

Web Design pricing:

We don't do cheap websites that look good but don't work!  Most of our customers are self-employed and belong to the small business sector, and they need a website that's effective. We also create websites for bigger companies, with a lot more content, in depth research, multiple products, markets and offers. 

You can spend as much as you like on a website, and there are prices for everything, from amateurs to big corporations. See the following price categories as examples (not shown in mobile phone view). 

We mostly work in this category:



None to very basic.

No research done.


Low understanding of customer needs, competition and strategy.



Not based on Branding nor Marketing.

Building and Support:

Mostly template-based.

Limited to no ongoing support.

Made by:


Amateur designers.

Graphic design students.



Professional Branding.


Solid understanding of customer needs, competition and strategy.


Based on Branding and Marketing.

Building and Support:


User-friendly website builder with training.

Ongoing support.

Made by:

Small specialist Digital Marketing and Design agencies.




Advanced professional branding.


Extensive understanding of customer needs, competition and strategy.


Based on Branding and Marketing.

Building and Support:


Coded sites.

Extensive ongoing support.

Made by:

Specialist Digital Marketing and Design agencies.



Large scale advanced professional Branding.


Extensive understanding of customer needs, competition & strategy in multiple products/markets.


Based on Branding and Marketing for multiple products/markets.

Building and Support:


Coded sites.

Extensive ongoing support.


Made by:

Large full service Digital Marketing and Design agencies.

  • It all depends on the type of website you want (brochure-style, high-converting, landing page, e-commerce) and how technical you want your website to be (forms, booking system, classes, payment processor, database management, automations, etc).

  • It also depends on whether you already have a website, a Brand identity, need copywriting, or if you're starting from scratch

If you're wondering how much your project will cost 

I really have to ask: "How long is a piece of string?"


Value for money?

As Dr Ralph Speth, CEO Jaguar-Land Rover, said:


"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design!" 


But that was some time ago... Fortunately, nowadays good design and branding doesn't have to be so expensive. And what's more? It's accessible even to the smaller business!


Will your investment pay back?

 Let me give you an example.

A well built purposeful website with great branding and design will significantly:

  • Reduce bounce.

  • Attract more customers.

  • Boost sales.

Return on investment (website):

Average value of a client :

5 sessions X €100 = 500

Website cost say €2,500

Number of new clients required to cover website investment: 2,500 ÷ 500 = 5 clients.


Just 5 clients will cover the cost of the investment.  But now your website enables you to attract more clients and fill those 480 unbilled hours worth €48,000!

40hrs/m  X 12months =480 unbilled hours/yr

Value of 480 unbilled hours/yr at €100/hr = Unearned potential €48,000

Shortfall hours/day=2 (or 40hrs/month)

Actual hours/day=4

Target client hours/day=6


Case study - Therapist


Bonus! Get the benefit of a one-to-one
marketing consultancy.

I could talk business all day...

That's my weakness: I literally can't stop talking business and how to improve things with like-minded business folks. A marketing consultancy will help you better understand your business and how to take it to the next level, so feel free to take advantage of my years of experience as a marketing practitioner. 

I look forward to these conversations with you!


Are we a match? 

Tick as many boxes below as you like:

Tick 1 = We're a great match.

Tick 2-4 = We're an excellent match.

Tick 5-6 = We're a match made in heaven.

We need to talk!

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Our tried and tested formula is working for hundreds of other websites, but don't just take our word for it...

Convinced? Let's get started...

1. Call or schedule a call with me now.

2. Let's have our one-on one initial consultancy and let me guide you through the four phases of our process (see over).

3. Watch your dream website take shape.

4. Now we can launch and you'll start seeing the results!



No more uncertainty and frustration...
Hire                 and go pro from the get-go!

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A brand that makes you stand out

A design you can be proud of

An asset that helps you hit your targets


Proud to be an active member of the small business community

Woosh operate 3 successful online businesses, so we know the many challenges facing those who take the brave step to set up on their own. And we want to help!

Giving the next generation a boost...

  • Mentorship: We offer free mentorship to select entrepreneurial clients. Apply here.

  • Fly-on-the-wall: We welcome students from our local Design and Entrepreneurship college to sit in and learn about running their own successful Marketing & Design business. Apply here.

  • Teaching: We teach Marketing and Brand Strategy to graphic design students. Find out more.

Thinking of DIYing your own website?

Request a free 30 minute Consultation with me and I'll give you some tips on how to improve your website.