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Strategic websites that take
your brand to the next level.

Storytelling that hooks your audience.
Consumer psychology techniques.
Built-in selling formula.

For individuals and business owners, sole traders, professionals,
coaches, influencers, and more...


Specialising in Branding and Website Design for Personal & Business Websites.

Looking for a professional  website, built by experts without the big agency price tag?


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Build your perfect website

  • Position yourself or your business as a leader.

  • Get a strategic website built for results.

  • Build a clear and compelling brand story.

  • Stand out from your competitors?

  • Get assisted professional copywriting.

  • Work with a professional team.


Need help with your existing site?

  • Is your website dated and letting you down?

  • Feeling stuck and frustrated?

  • Could your website be converting more clients?

  • Looking for answers from a pro?


Pretty websites don’t build businesses, strategic websites do!

"My mission is to show business owners what's involved in creating a great website, so they build the best website they can for their budget."

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, yet getting one started is a monumental struggle. But it shouldn't have to mean cutting corners when it comes to your most important marketing tool: your website.

Welcome to Woosh,
I'm Stephen!


Stephen Kilcoyne

BSc Adv. Marketing Techniques

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Professional marketing, branding, copywriting and design.

Here at Woosh we like to build purposeful story-based websites for a big impact on your conversions.


"The whole team at Woosh Marketing did an absolutely wonderful job building my website from scratch. From start to finish they really listened to what I wanted, but also made sure they understood what my business was about."

-Cecile Jacquot


With a bespoke website from Woosh you get:

1. Professional Marketing that defines your purpose and strategy

Without this your site might look good but it won't be effective.

Here's why

2. Professional Branding and Copywriting

We get to know your customers so you can speak their language, but there is a lot more to branding than you might think. 

Find out more

3. Professional Graphic Design

Stunning visuals that command attention, keep your audience interested and keen to buy.

Read more

4. Great website features and service

Quality website build with all the features and essentials you'll need to make an impact.

Mobile optimisation, SEO, E-commerce, payment systems, support and maintenance plan

and hosting.

Read more

What you get

Web Design pricing:

Purposeful Websites that get results take 4 - 6 weeks of hard work by a talented team of skilled professionals. The skills they bring to the table to make a website that will achieve its aims are what makes the difference.

Our websites include the following essential elements:

  • Discovery 

  • Marketing Consultancy

  • Branding

  • Assisted copywriting

  • Website design, build and activation

  • Optimization for mobile devices

  • Search engine optimisation (foundational)

  • Testing, basic training

  • Hosting set up (hosting is an extra charge you will be required to pay directly to the hosting company).

Extras include:

Dynamic Pages,  Forms, Databases, Payment Systems,  Appointment Calendars, Booking Systems, Third- Party Plug-ins, and so on.  Depending on the element and the complexity and sophistication of each element required, these additional elements can range in price from €50 - €500. 

Our prices range between €995 and €2,950 for a completed website.

We make 4 types of websites:

  • Personal Websites

  • Business Websites

  • E-commerce Websites

  • Community/non profit Websites


In our initial conversation we will scope out your requirements and advise on the elements and extras (if any) that you'll need. You will then receive a very detailed quote itemising each element so you don't get any surprises and we deliver on our promise.

How come our prices are so attractive?

We've worked hard identifying what makes websites work. We've also spend several years perfecting our website production process and we've built a very efficient process that allows us to create bespoke website at surprisingly good prices.  You're happy - We're happy -but our competitors are not too happy!

Value for money?

As Dr Ralph Speth, CEO Jaguar-Land Rover, said:


"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design!" 


But that was some time ago... Fortunately, nowadays good design and branding doesn't have to be so expensive. And what's more? It's accessible even to the smaller business!


Will your investment pay back?

If you have successfully identified a genuine customer need and you have a remarkable solution to offer your customers (and we can help you to clarify this), then you can count on us to deliver a website that gets them buying.

A well built purposeful website with great branding and design will significantly:

  • Attract more of the right kind of customers.

  • Reduce bounce rates

  • Increase sales.


Bonus! Get the benefit of a one-to-one
marketing consultancy.

I could talk business all day...

That's my weakness: I literally can't stop talking business and how to improve things with like-minded business folks. A marketing consultancy will help you better understand your business and how to take it to the next level, so feel free to take advantage of my years of experience as a marketing practitioner. 

I look forward to these conversations with you!


Still uncertain?

Got more questions?

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Our tried and tested formula is working for hundreds of other websites, but don't just take our word for it...

Convinced? Let's get started!
Getting there in 4 steps

1. Call or schedule a call with me now.

2. Let's have our one-on one initial consultancy and let me guide you through the four phases of our process (see over).

3. Watch your dream website take shape.

4. Now we can launch and you'll start seeing the results!



No more uncertainty and frustration...
Hire                 and go pro from the get-go!

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A brand that makes you stand out

A design you can be proud of

An asset that helps you hit your targets

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